Che’ Puan Juliana Evans

Having made her foray into print advertisements as young as 7 months old, Juliana is no stranger to the camera. As a child star, Juliana’s stardom rose steadily through the entertainment ranks, landing her first serious hosting project at the age of 12 on Astro’s Kids Program. Then by age 16, Juliana hosted a popular teenage program on TV3 called ‘Remaja’ for 2 consecutive years. Her big break as an actress came in 2007 when she played the role of ‘Sofie’ in the wildly successful television series ‘Kami’ which was subsequently produced into a movie. Since then, Juliana has gone on to star in numerous local productions, switching seamlessly across multiple genres from horror to comedy to even theatre productions. Expanding her brand and entrepreneurship, Juliana founded ‘Jevans Jewelry’ in 2016 bringing distinction and class to a new line of fashion wear. Her love of accessories and jewelries has led to the creation of Jevans Jewelry and is used as a platform for her to continue engaging with her beloved fans and to enable them to get a piece of her, so to speak.

“My jewelry collection is inspired from people around me such as those who take pride in their background, inspiring me to create a collection of ‘State Map Necklaces’. These State-shaped pendants, such as the states of Selangor, Johore and Pahang make my fellow Malaysians feel proud of their heritage. My dream for the future of ‘Jevans Jewelry’ is crafting all the States for the general market and customization versions for high-end socialites.”